Talalla Beach and Tangalle, two pearls from Sri Lanka Southern Edge

Thanks to other bloggers and by following their advise, I have discovered Talalla Beach, far different from its well known sisters Unawatuna and Mirissa. Talalla, on the southern edge of Sri Lanka, is located 55 km on the east of Unawatuna and 25 km on the west of Tangalle, another amazing beach spot, along with a mangovre and a fishing port that are not to be missed.

Talalla : 
Talalla is definitly the spot to stay if you want to relax on a wild beach far from tourists. There are very few hotels on the beach, quite hidden and respecting Nature. You will find little restaurants that offer amazing grilled fishes and seafood platters with an Arrack cocktail. Arrack is the local alcool made from coconut, a bit sweet but very nice. These restaurants are really relax and you can even have your table on the sand at night. 

Nature is preserved and dogs are welcome and free :) 

Where to stay : I recommand Handun Villas, very quiet, relaxing, elegant and good value for money. Handun Villas is an old colonial manor built in 1895 and has been renovated with modern confort while preserving its Duthch architecture. This will be the topic of my next review.

Tangalle : 
A bit further is Tangalle with lots of beautiful beaches such as Medaketiya.

Along the beach you will find relaxing bars offering beers, cocktails and fruit juices with some jamaïcan music :)

But Tangalle is not only a beach, there is also a fishing port to visit. Try to do it during the morning when you will see all fishermen unloading fishes on the port. They are very friendly and will offer you to jump on their colorful boat for a picture. Entry with a car will be charged around 200 roupies. 

Finally, end your day, from 4pm to avoid sun burning, with a two hours kayak tour on the mangovre. A nice activity to explore the wildlife, with mainly lots of birds. Some more lucky visitors might see monkeys, which was not our case. However, be careful, we saw a big snake in the water ! Omg !

Lots of guest houses on the beach offer kayak tours. You can also book it in advance with Tangalle Lagoon & Kayak. The guy is connected on messenger and will give you immediate response. Rates are 2000 roupies for a 2 seats kayak.

Have fun ! Next stop to Yala Safari Park :)

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