Sri Lanka beach train from Colombo to Galle

Sri Lanka is well known for its scenic trains accross the country, especially from Kandy to Ella. There are also some other routes that are worth being explored such as Colombo Galle, running along the sea....

This train has second and third class only, without reservation. You will have to buy tickets at the counter. Prices are extremely affordable, around 2 euros per ticket in second class. Best option is to start from Madarena train station, one stop before Colombo Fort and less crowed. Therefore, you might have a better chance to get a seated place (that was our case)

Once you have jumped into the train, try to seat on the right side to enjoy scenic views during your journey. We did not know this, however, and you will notice it, Sri Lankan people are very kind and a man offered us to change his places with ours so we could enjoy the landscapes.

Unfortunatly the weather was not with us this day but this was our first images from Sri Lanka, after landing at Colombo airport and this was a great introduction to the country.

The train will run along beaches through the nature, villages and lovely colorful houses.

It is well known that trains are always late in Sri Lanka. Our departed only 5 minutes late. The journey is supposed to last around 2 hours but we arrived approximatively 50 minutes late, which is not a big deal on holidays.

For schedules, have a look on the below link.

To sump up, a cheap way to travel while discovering Sri Lanka !

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