Family Homestay at Ban Lac, Mai Chu Region, North of Vietnam

Less words, more pictures and even more Travel pictures... After having focused a lot on hotels in the past times, I'd like also to focus on the beauty and variety the world has to offer. I have travelled from North to South Vietnam and discovered this little village, Bin Lac, in the Mai Chu region, right in the north of the country. Thaï people live in a peaceful way with vietnamese, in a small village with houses on pilotis. The village is sourrounded by ricefields and mountains, the best way to disconnect from our crazy lifes. 
We stayed there one night in a familly home stay, slept on very thin matresses and were waken up by the roosters song ! We had the privilege to discover the wildlife while being pampered by the kindness of its inhabitants... 

Welcome in the village in Pilotis houses

My bed for the night !

Let's start with vietnamese lunch prepared by the family

Let's go discovering now the sourroundings...

And meet adorable inhabitants

And discover the fruits we would have in our next cocktails...



After walking through the streets of the village, we discovered the Mai Chu Sunset Bar with an amazing view on the ricefields

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