4X4 in Dubaï desert, Arabian Adventure

Looking for fun and excitment during your stay in Dubaï ? Let's do some 4X4 drive in the desert, what an adventure !

Lots of travel agencies offer this kind of adventure, at the doors of the desert of Dubaï, more or less 45 minutes drive from the city. Be careful where you book your tour, this can be a real Disneyland with hundreds of 4X4 driving at the same time... Sometimes it worth it adding few dollars. This is a no sense to go to a crowed desert, don't you think ?!
I have tested two companies and I would go for Arabian Adventures (website at the end of the post). 

Of course, you will not drive the 4x4 yourself, a more than experimented driver will be your guide. The experience can be completly different from one driver to another. My first experience was...how to say ? like being in a washing machine, be prepared to be shaked ! Second experience was smoother, we were a 4X4 full of girls screaming, I think the driver protected his eardrums ;)

Some companies give the possibility to do some snowboard on the sand, quite fun. One your way, some animals like antilops can be seen if you are a bit lucky... Otherwise, palmtrees are always faithful in the desert !

Some stops are scheduled to take nice pictures, take your portrait in the desert ! And try to get one with the driver ;)

Some tours offer a diner after the activity with a camel ride at sunset. I am not very fan of this, camels are not cars, especially when you see the ride are lasting few minutes per client....

Even if the tours can be a bit busy, this is still a great activity to do and you will be flying home with amazing pictures !

Arabian Adventures

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