Convivial and gastronomic lunch at Le George, Four Seasons George V Paris

Thanks to the blogger Zechian, who invited me to join him for lunch, I had the chance to discover the amazing restaurant Le George, one of the three elegant restaurants of this renowned parisian palace.
The concept of Le George is to offer a convivial but gastronomic experience by sharing half portion dishes. In such an incredible restaurant, choice is hard and you always want to test all the menu. Well, choose "à la carte" or the "flavours menu" and trust me, your tastebuds will be more than satisfied !

Before finding Le George, first steps in the lobby are always magnified by incredible flower arrangements from Jeff Leatham. Every three weeks, this talented artistic director invents a new theme for comtemporary and innovative arrangements. At Le George, the guideline is simplicity and Jeff Leatham knows how to highlight the elegance of the place.

The decor
The interior designer, Pierre-Yves Rochon, has created a timeless atmosphere. Beige and grey touches make it very elengant and soothing. White floral arrangements from Jeff Leatham add purity and simplicity to this very chic place.

The restaurant Le George offers also a 7 meters high glass roof with direct views on the marble courtyard and its procession of fushia flowers. This complement to the venue provides natural daylight and brigtness for more senerity.

The Cuisine : 
The young and talented Chef Simone Zanoni offers a light and modern Mediterranean-style cuisine with a blend of flavours from French Rivieria and Nothern Italy.

This amazing lunch was a profusion of delighful dishes... Let's start ! 

Roadted Dublin Bay prawn, citrus and mustard sauce

                                                     Sea bream crudo
                                   Semi-cooked red tuna & black truffle petals

Octopus cooked over a wood fire

Onion tarte tatin, parmesan sorbet
Parmesan ice cream could be quite surprising but the alliance with the onion tarte works perfectly well, a delicious starter I highly recommend !

Ricoatta cheese tortelli, lemon and fresh mint
Ravioli Del Plin with black truffle and parmesan cream

Roasted sole with basil and vinegar sauce

Triology of desserts now !
Salted butter caramel

Cheese crème brulée, mandarin sorbet
A strong and original fruity taste in a sorbet, one of my favorite during the lunch !

Fig and blackberry tartlet, almond and yogurt ice cream
This dessert was just a piece of art !

Tea and coffee with mignardises

Restaurant Le George
Hotel George V Four Seasons
31 Avenue George V,
75008 Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 52 72 09

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