Hotel Sacacomie, your luxury lodge in the canadian forest

Lots of people, espacially french people, have a dream : a retreat in a log hut overlooking the lake in a canadian forest. A way to be the closest to Mother Nature.
Stop searching, this dream comes true at the Sacacomie Lodge.

Sacacomie was one of the first hotel I chose to organize a corporate event for a major company in France. Every time I booked it, I had 100 % satisfaction from my clients. The pictures here are not all mine but I stayed there several times during winter and summertimes and I really wanted to share with you this crush.
Location :

Nestled in the Quebec forest and overlooking a majestic lake of 42 km, the hotel Sacacomie is only 2 hours drive from Montreal and 2.5 hours from Quebec.
The road to get there is surrounded by pine trees and lovely typical canadian houses.

Atmosphere :
Once you are there, you are now completly lost in the nature.
The design of the lodge will make you feel in a forest hut made with logs. Confortable brown leather armchairs around the fireplace (that also works during summertimes ! ), animal skin on the walls, real stones, snowshoes and ice skates as decoration items are the elements that create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Go a bit further inside and discover the bar with an amazing view on the lake and a beautiful outside balcony. I guess you will not stay there too long during winter ! The rest of the year, it is a very nice spot to admire the luxurious nature, especially in automn with a wonderful range of colors from green to red, orange and yellow.

Restaurant :
The restaurant with a fireplace is also a very welcoming place to rest after a long day of outdoor activities. The dishes are european inspiration but the chef likes to present specialties and quebec local products. Trout, salmon, bison, rabbit, duck or chanterelles will thrill your taste buds.
If you are a meat lover, pay attention to the cooking of your meat, it sometimes arrive very well done.

Guestrooms :
Guestrooms have a forest lake or a view lake. Both are soooo relaxing, you cannot have a bad view.

Walls are wooden made, you're still in the forest. Some of the suites have the bathtub or a fireplace inside. One of the best suite was booked by Zinedine Zidane himself ! I think he needed to relax after the football world cup in 1998 :) By the way, do not look for a TV, you won't find it, it's part of the concept. For sure, you will not miss it. There are so many outdoor activities to practice during the day, you will be so happy to rest and fall asleep in a quiet room.

Outdoor activities :
Many activities are avalaible during winter and summer. Even if you are lost in the nature, you will not get borded. Canoeing, snowmobile, seaplane, skiplane, snowshoe, quad, dogsled, etc... Exactly what you always expected from Canada !

Geo Spa :
Finally, the hotel Sacacomie has also an amazing Geo Spa with heated outdoor and indoor swimmingpools. Of course, they have a complete offer with sauna, hammam, whirlpool and a view lake solarium. if you had too much trapping for the day, having their indian massage could be quite a good idea !

To sum up, I recommend the Hotel Sacacomie for :
- Make your Canadian dream come true
- Serenity
- Geo Spa
- Outdoor activities

Hotel Sacacomie *****
4000 Chemin Yvon-Plante,
Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, QC J0K 1V0,
Québec, Canada

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