Spa time at the Saint James Albany Paris ****

Located on prestigious Rue de Rivoli, the Saint James Albany Hotel & Spa in one of the rare hotel in Paris to have an inner swimming pool, excepted palaces of course !

Let's walk into the hotel
Step into the lobby, go a deep further and discover this beautiful inner courtyard. Opened during summertimes, you can enjoy a quiet lunch or drink while admiring a typical parisian architecture. I would suggest to end your Spa afternoon right there, with a pastry or a glass of Champagne, so the pleasure can last a little more....

Time to relax
Just fill a little form to check you don't have any medical issue, get changed in the cloackroom, deep into your bathrobe and let's relax !

After few minutes in the relaxing room, the hostess will guide you to the treatment room. Ask for the double one if you want to enjoy your massage with your beloved or your friend for a better experience ! We chose the massage "Originelle", which is a relaxing massage with coconut oïl, a strategic choice to remove all your stress. The masseuse will ask you what kind of massage you want, light, smooth, energic, strong, etc... and really respect it. Which is not the case everywhere ! The massage is really nice, with a right pressure on the right points.
Price for 50 min massage is 110 € and gives you access to the hammam, fitness and swimmingpool for 3 hours, which makes the all experience.
Make sure you arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes before the time of treatment so you have enough time to fill the form and get changed. In case the treatment does not start sharp on time, it will finish 50 min later anyway...!

Private jacuzzi
The perfect choice for a romantic moment !
After your treatment, you will be offered a cup of tea that you can enjoy during your 30 minutes of private jacuzzi for two.
You are now relaxed and soft, completly alone in this dark room. 
Changing colors, bubbles and right temperature made it really pleasant.
Session is finished when bubbles are finished :( Time flies so fast ! 
30 minutes private jacuzzi for 65 €.

An impressive swimming pool in the heart of Paris

Time now to exercise a bit and go to the swimming pool !

For a spa in the heart of Paris, the pool is quite big ! Long enough to really swim and not doing circles like a gold fish in an aquarium :) Temperature of the water is really nice so you can stay as much as you like.

Take some time to enjoy also the hammam... but sorry, no picuture,  I protected the life of my camera !

Relaxing room :
And finally, time to rest in the the relaxing room where you can enjoy some detox tea, dry fruits like bananas and almonds and a bit of sweetness with chocolate !

To sum up, I recommend the Saint James Albany Hotel & Spa for :
- Central location in Paris
- Long and heated swimmingpool
- Possibility of private jacuzzi

Saint James Albany Hotel & Spa
202 Rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
+33 1 44 58 43 21

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