Lunch at L'Orangerie, Georges V Paris, a Four Seasons Hotel

Paris is the temple of gastronomy and new restaurants open every year. I recently discovered that the Parisian Palace Georges V has opened its third signature restaurant : L'Orangerie. Opened to the clients of the hotel only 3 weeks ago and to the public 2 weeks ago, Bingo, it's brand new ! I will definitly book a table.

Viewing pleasure :
At the end of the very chic La Galerie, a 7 meters high orangery made with steel and glass will greet you for a memorable moment. This glass roof built in the marble courtyard matches perfectly the Art Deco architecture of the hotel. A procession of fushia orchids, ferns and elegant bushes will make it an ideal surrounding for a gastronomic moment. Viewing pleasure is part of the experience after all !

Beige marble mosaics on the floor, lanterns designed by Lalique, marble tables, white comtemporaty chairs and silk cushions highlight the brightness of this unique venue.
With only 20 seats and 7 tables, the restaurant is an intimate and exclusive adress.

The exquisite cuisine :

But let's talk about serious things, it is time to order !
The cuisine of the Chef David Bizet is french, modern, sophisticated and feminine.
Impressive techniques, combined to sense of esthetic, sublime the different flavours this young but highly experimented Chef has to offer.

We usually like to be surprised by the choice of the Chef. But this time the A La Carte menu was so tempting ! A Decouverte menu for the very reasonnable price of 95€ was proposed. To be honest, I think this was not sophistaced enough, especially when you come to this kind of restaurant. Burrata with smoked ham or cumcumber were offered in the menu. I am 100 % sure this is excellent, but what I am looking for was the creativity of the Chef !
The Degustation Menu at 125 € is a 4 courses menu with a starter, fish, meat and dessert. It's quite a good selection with a reasonnable price for such sophisticated dishes. However, I was expecting at least 5 courses for a degustation menu, this is why I went for A la Carte. 

Melting radish and salted lemon puff pastry will accompany you while you are carefully examinating the menu.
Then comes the Amuse Bouche, which is a sweet almond ice cream surrounded by a carrott velouté.

Our starter came on an impressive and comtemporary plate : an egg embellished with caviar de Sologne and surrounded by a strong green watercress velouté. Watercress is not everyone taste but it's for real a successful marriage between powerful flavours.
If you are more a seafood person, then choose the Langoustine with citrus fruit or the crab.

As main meal, I went for the sole with its apple emulsion, topped with lemon seafood and garnished with excellent mashed potatoes. The Chef knows how to remove the sourness of the apple to make it just sweet. I told you the cuisine was feminine ! By the way, this is the perfect manner to satisfy my taste buds without scaring my weighting scale !
As a man, my boyfriend chose to have meat and went for a very melting veal. An incredible souvenir according to him...
Lobster and lamb tried to come on to us but sole and veal won the contest for our greatest pleasure.

A pre dessert made with sweet but not too sugary cherries and fromage frais was served to prepare our mouth to a glamourous dessert. Thin leafs of chocolate, souffle, nuts and praline ice cream, everything I love in the same plate ! The pastry Chef Maxime Frédéric does not hide the bitterness of dark chocolate and surprised us with a strong and frank flavour.

As we did not want this moment to stop, we drew it out with coffee and delicacies. Expresso coffee was 12 euros but it was honestly one of the best coffee I ever had. Chocolate pie, tropezienne and strawberry mignardise came to close this memorable moment. The Chef is exceeding expectations until the very end, even through the delicacies.

Service :
I'd like to point also the staff who were two young gentlemen, very elegant, sophisticated and delicate. Service in such a palace is a real art, they completly honor the passion of excellence. They were also interested in our suggestions, asking if we were parisians and which gastronomic restaurant we would recommand in Paris. The staff from this kind of restaurant likes also to test competitors. They like to compare what happens outside but also because gastronomy is their passion, they enjoy discovering new places with colleagues. I think it is a very sane practice !

The Orangerie has newly opened but I bet this parisian address will receive at least one macarron Michelin. And I would not be surprised if the Chef is awarded with two maccarons from the first year. Bets can start !

Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris
31, avenue George V
75008 Paris
Téléphone +33 (1) 49 52 72 24

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