Why Hotel Addiction ?

When I was a teenager, my father asked me THE question.... "what do you want to do for a living ? " My answer was so spontaneous : a palace tester !
Of course it is a dream job for thousands of people but very few make such a dream come true. There is no university to teach you this job. Therefore, I had to find another solution...!

I started to work in the tourism industry and organized many events around the world for major companies. At the age of 22, I had the chance to sleep in the best hotels of the world, to fly over Manhattan skycrapers on a helicopter or to meet elephants during a safari in South Africa... But I was tired of travelling with my clients. Some of them were just adorable, some others were just a nightmare !

Then, I decided to work for a parisian luxury hotel. I promote it around the world to attract more and more tourists to stay in this so chic property. Sorry, I will not say which hotel, I do not want my job to be stolen !!!
I am now traveling accross the planet, in China, Brasil, Middle East, Russia or even more countries to find guests for my hotel. And most of the time, I am staying in incredible properties !

Travelling and luxury are virus you do not want to heal. I started to travel very young with my parents, mainly in Europe. Then, at the age of 10, my father sent me for 3 weeks in Chicago to share the life of an american family.  The real american way of life ! This is how I caught the virus of travelling.

Even though I travel a lot for my job, I am totally unable not to travel during my free time. Even on holidays, I am always looking for beautiful hotels that will make my stay different. And what do I do when I am blocked in Paris ? Guess what ? I am having diner in lovely hotels because this is where you can find the best Chefs. Paris, city of lights and city of love, is my hometown. This would be a crime not to enjoy all these amazing and elegant places the city has to offer !

I started few months ago to open an Instagram account to share the pictures of my hotel experiences. That was first a hobby for me, especially when I was spending so much time in the airports or on the plane. A funny way to kill time :)  Then I realized I got more and more followers. Lots of them emailed me to know how I managed to travel so much in so beautiful places. Some other followers asked me if I was writing reviews and articles about the hotels and restaurants I tested. This is why I wanted to share my experience.  That was an excellent motivation to start my own blog !
After few months focusing on hotels and restaurants only, I was a bit frustrated not to share also all the amazing places I discovered. This is how I decided to share my hotels experiences along my trip recommandations and pictures. A trip is a whole thing : hotel, food, transportation, people, animals, sightseeings... Don't you think ?! :)

This is how Hotel & Travel Addiction started !

PS : Please, be indulgent with me :)  I am a french girl who tries to write in English.  It would have been much easier to have this blog in french, but I wanted to share it with the maximum of people.

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